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Italian Fritto Crispy Lambchops from

  This is very good and simple. Another excellent recipe from Wish.     Crispy Lamb Chops* There is nothing in this world that can match an Italian fritto. They are just as wonderful eaten cold, too. email print comment … Continue reading

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Desktop Tower Defense

Here is a cool game. Very addictive.

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Are you a Righty or a Lefty ?

   Find out which side of your brain is dominate by looking at this short video. If the girl spins clock-wise it means the right side of your brain dominates. If you see her spinning counter-clockwise then you see with the left … Continue reading

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World’s Most Unusual Christmas Trees

Check out the Trees.  Good link from Neotarama.    

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Don’t you think your cat would look better with a wig?

This is hilarious. I love it. Now you can make your cat eloquent and glamorous with a wig from            

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