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Thanksgiving: A Native American View

                        I was thinking about this the other day. And the American Indian is the reason this Holiday even exists.   By Jacqueline Keeler, Pacific News Service. Posted January 1, 2000. For a Native American, the story of Thanksgiving is not … Continue reading

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If you don’t know what to get me for Christmas please allow me to suggest one of these. This thing is wild.

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Spicy Orange-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

This was simple and delicious. You got to try it. I think this would work well with chicken,fish or scallops too. I found it at in the food section. The Shrimp fried rice form Wish is very good too. This is not really a cooking web … Continue reading

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KEXP – This Station is Roc/kin tonight

I’ve mentioned this Station before but it is totally awesome tonight. WOW.

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Cool Stuff – Greener Grass Design

  Check it out. Neat Stuff.    

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Run Granny Run!

This is very touching and inspiring. She reminds me of my grandmother. 

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PaintBall The Game

Here’s a fun little game. Called paint ball the game but its not exactly what you think. Paintball – The Game

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