Swedish Nut Cake

A friend sent me this the other day so I made it. It was the first cake I ever made. Turned out very good I think.
Swedish Nut Cake
2C         Sugar
20 oz    can Pineapple (crushed) with juice
1Tbs     Vanilla
1/2C      Nuts (walnuts) chopped
2            Eggs
2teas    Baking soda
2C         Flour
Mix and bake at 350 for 35+ min (I recommend using 2 square cake pans rather than one large one – centers cook better and you do NOT want to overcook and dry this cake out)
1            Stick butter, softened
8 oz       Cream Cheese, softened
1 1/2C   Powdered sugar
1Tbs      Vanilla 
        MIX smooth and spread on HOT cake so it will sink in …….TOP with
1/2C      Nuts, chopped (walnuts)
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  1. Unknown says:

    well  FART N call me willber

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