Harry Belafonte on Larry King

I’m sorry if what I have said and the way in which I interpret our policy offends you to the degree you think I am ignorant of and willing to dismiss the death and the pain that our nation feels. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary. It is precisely the pain that I know that this nation feels that I dread seeing us go through more of it, to lose more sons, more daughters, because we are being ill advised on how to deal with the ills of the nation.

Deal with hunger. Deal with poverty. Deal with disenfranchisement which is rampant among the 6 billion people who make up this planet. I see most of them. I spent time in Rwanda where 800,000 people were murdered in a matter of months. Violence is not mutiny, it’s not new to the world. We’ve got to stop it and I make a plea for it.

And I hope we can find policies and thinkers and people who will come to their senses and lead us out of this abyss.

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